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Link Your Listeners to a Playlist File

If you are planning to broadcast via the Internet, you can point people directly to your web stream's IP address, but those with the RealOne player will have a problem. RealOne will stupidly try to display your stream as though it is text, in a web browser. A better solution is to create an intermediate "playlist file" and link to that instead. It's super-easy to do.

Using a text editor, create a little file containing the IP address of your web stream, such as this ficticious one:

Save your text file using the name of your choice, with the extension, "m3u," like this:


Copy the playlist file to your web site, and assure that the "Listen" link on your web page points to it. Something like this:

<a href="myradiostation.m3u8">Listen
< /a>

This intermediary file will allow the majority of players, including RealOne, to connect properly.

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