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The Most Common TuneStacker Errors

If, when you you generate a program log in TuneStacker, you see some activity in the red progress bar, it indicates you have one or more errors that need correcting in your master log (which is built from individual format clocks, so the root of the problem lies there). If you DO see red activity, the exact nature of the problems can be learned after the program log is done being generated by going to your Program Logs folder, double-clicking on your program log, doing CTRL-F, and searching for the word “error.”

Here are the most common types of errors you will see, and what they mean:

##TuneStacker Error No Files Found -- (Rotate Comment Christmas3)

(There are no audio files that have their Comment attribute marked with the word, "Christmas3.")

##TuneStacker Error Syntax -- (/boot/Station/Liners/Silence.wav)

(You have given TuneStacker a path and filename, but there is no Play command ahead of it.)

##TuneStacker Error Attribute Not Supported -- (Rotate Misc1 Featured)

(You've specified an attribute that isn't in use on your system. That's a more rare occurrence.)

The place to fix these issues is in your format clocks. Make the necessary corrections there, then re-create your master log(s) in MakeMyDay, and try again in TuneStacker.

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