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Setting Up a Multi-Switch Button in TuneTracker (AutoCast 4.2 and above)

AutoCast 4.2 (and above) allow you to route multiple inputs to multiple outputs with a single command, or a single click. This allows you to do all kinds of interesting audio routing, including the channeling of audio from one location to another without affecting what is on the air, sending audio sources to audition speakers while putting other audio on the air, and doing sophisticated multi-switching of the sort required at large radio networks and government facilities.

Setting up a configurable button to do a multiple audio routing is very simple.

  1. Right-click on any button and choose "Edit Buttons."
  2. Select a button from the top list, and give it the Switcher button type.
  3. Click on the Connect button and choose an input and output.
  4. Click the Connect button and choose another input and output.
  5. Continue until you have selected all the routings you want included. As you add routings, you will see a list building just to the right of the Connect button.
  6. Give the button a label and click Apply.

When you click the new button, you will see all the corresponding lights respond on the Broadcast Tools switcher box, and an event with a blue button will appear in AutoCast. To cancel all the switcher routings, click the blue button, and the switcher lights will all go out.

Be careful not to include your reserved TuneTracker switcher router in the list, or when you click the blue button to cancel, you'll take TuneTracker off the air!

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