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Power Cycling Your Computer Remotely

Two realities:

  1. Sometimes small broadcasters have to leave their computers unattended, occasionally for long periods of time.
  2. Any computer can occasionally have a problem that will take your station off the air.

Scenario: You are away, check your broadcast signal, and discover you're off the air. You try to log into your computer remotely and it doesnt respond.

Solution: A box that lets you power your computer off and back on, controllable remotely.

We've done some research, and have so far found one particular box that is reasonably inexpensive and does exactly what you'd want, given the scenario just described:


Setting it up is very simple. You just log into your router and adjust the port forwarding settings to allow a single unique port of entry from the outside, same as is done with TT Anywhere. After that, you can access the box from anywhere via the Internet and "power-cycle" your computer. If the computer is set up to boot automatically on power restore, as TuneTracker System computers normally are, that's all it'll take to get you back on the air.

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