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Randomizing by Multiple Criteriat-Once

Note that the following tip is for users of TuneTracker Basic. A much simpler and more elegant approach is available for AutoCast users.

Want really powerful format control? Consider marking your songs with multiple-word notations. Here's an interesting approach. Mark the genre of a particular fast rock song with the word "Rock," mark the Tempo "Fast," and in the Comment field, type the compound word "FastRock." If you mark your songs like that, you now have the power to bring up the song three different ways:

Random Comment FastRock Protect
Random Genre Rock Protect
Random Tempo Fast Protect

Maybe the time-of-day is more important to you as a criteria for the Comment field. So you could make your comment something like this:

Random Comment FastNight Protect
Random Comment MediumDay Protect

Have fun with it. There's almost no limit to how specific and fancy you can get with this, and your listeners will reap the reward.

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