TuneTracker™ QuickTip

TuneStacker errors when everything looks "ok"

Maybe you have nice normal looking lines in your format clocks that look like this:

 Rotate Comment PSA

And you wonder why you see TuneStacker errors when you create your program logs, that look like this:

##TuneStacker Error Syntax -- ( Rotate Comment PSA)

Look closely at the Rotate command above, and you'll see that there's a space before the R in Rotate. Look at the item in the error, and you'll also see the space before the R in Rotate. That's your giveaway. Make sure none of your lines start with a blank space.

You might occasionally encounter something like this as well:

##TuneStacker Error Syntax -- ( )

That means you have a blank line in your log that contains a space. Get rid of the offending spaces and you shouldn't see the errors anymore.

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