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Another Christmas Freebee: MakeMyDay Update

The popular "MakeMyDay" program we added to the TuneTracker suite, it turns out, has a little bug in it that can potentially create a problem for you. If you run it a second time on the same format clock, it doesn't do a complete job of overwriting the previous master log it creates, causing a little of both logs to be included in the file. Not good!

We've retooled MakeMyDay, and are offering it to you as a replacement program. We recommend you get it right away and use it in place of the current version.

First!   Find and delete any instances of MakeMyDay from your hard drive. You can find them by left-clicking the desktop background (de-selecting all windows), and doing CTRL-F (or ALT-F if CTRL-F isn't the way your system is set up). Type makemyday as your search criteria, and then click Search. Drag any found items (other than html files...those are your documentation) into the trash.

Then!   Download the following file, and while running Haiku®, unzip it...


This program update will allow you to safely overwrite a previously-created master log, with no "remanants" left from the previous one. You can store the MakeMyDay file anywhere you like...its nature is such that Haiku® will find and use it when you do your usual right-click/open-with on a format clock. If you want to store the program in its traditional location, move it to the /boot/apps/TuneTracker System/Extras/Make My Day/ folder.

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