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Making Workspaces Awesome

The Haiku operating system offers many really cool features. One of them is “Workspaces,” which allows you to use multiple desktops and switch among them…even move a window from one workspace to the next. While you can flip among workspaces by doing CTRL-F1, CTRL-F2, etc., there’s a much more elegant way to do it, using the Workspaces app. Here’s how you do it.

  1. Click the Haiku feather, and under “Desktop applets,” choose “Workspaces.” It will open up as a rectangular window, showing multiple panes, each representing an available workspace. They are arranged in rows and columns. We’re going to change the layout from what you see initially. Right-click on the window, and choose “Change workspace count.” Using the + and - arrows, reduce the number of rows to 1, and set the number of columns at 5. The changes will be made visually as you adjust.
  2. Right-click on the window again, and choose “Live in the Deskbar.” A small representation of the workspaces will now be visible in the little Haiku deskbar, normally in the lower right corner of your screen. You can now close the larger Workspaces window.

The steps are illustrated here:


From now on, even after rebooting, you should still see your new little friend down in the Deskbar. To test it, just click the little squares to move from workspace to workspace.

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