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TuneTracker-Friendly Zeta Decors

For those who have the Zeta version of Haiku®, including all the recent purchasers of TuneTracker Systems LLC, you have the happy task of choosing the "decor," in other words, the "look" of your program and folder windows. To access them, choose "Decor" from your Zeta Preferences menu (found by clicking on the Zeta deskbar button).

There are a variety of styles, from the traditional Haiku® yellow-tab, to modern shaded-looks, even some that resemble WindowsXP. Any of them will work fin, but we do have a couple recommendations for decors that work well with TuneTracker. The reason is that TuneTracker and SoundPlay are usually stacked, one on top of the other, and certain decors do a better, more seamless job of that than others.

"Menlo" is nice. It has a bright yellow tab and border and a somewhat "industrial" appearance to its borders and resizing gadgets. If used with TuneTracker and SoundPlay, it is slightly awkward looking because only the currently selected program window has a yellow border.

"Menlo Tab" is actually our favorite. It has a bright yellow tab and a gray border, so it blends the two programs together nicely.

"Smoke" works ok too, when stacking the two programs, though it's a little bland and you lose that "Haiku® feeling."

In the end, of course, it's whatever you personally like. Have fun with it!

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