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TT Anywhere Speedups

TT Anywhere, our remote administration software, is a tremendous resource for anyone who needs to work on their TuneTracker System remotely, either to do administration and log generation, or to literally run their station by remote control from home, a remote broadcast location, etc. It works by making a connection between the remote computer and the TuneTracker computer, and allowing the user to use their keyboard, mouse, and monitor to do all the same things they'd do if they were sitting in front of the TuneTracker computer.

The speed at which the screen refreshes can sometimes be an issue, especially if one end or the other has a less-than-speedy Internet connection. The solution? Set up a low-res workspace!

You have 12 workspaces available under Haiku®. You can switch among them my doing CTRL-F1, CTRL-F2, CTRL-F3, etc. Switch to one of them and make it very low resolution, like 800x600, or even 640x480, and then, importantly...set the color bit depth to 8 bits. When you connect via VNC from an outside computer, switch to the special desktop. You'll see a world of difference!

Another trick is to use the scrub feature in TT Anywhere. Move your mouse pointer in little circles in the area of the screen you need to view right away, and that portion will be refreshed quicker than the rest. That way you don't have to wait for the entire screen to refresh!

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