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"Interpreting TuneStacker's New Triple-Bar Display" (AutoCast 4.2 and above)

TuneStacker (in 4.2 suite and above) now has a much more useful progress window that gives users more information than just the percentage complete. That overall progress bar is still there, but we've added two others that alert you to potential problems with your master logs so you can solve them and get perfect program logs every time. These are the three colored bars, and what they mean:

Green - Reports the overall percentage complete. Replaces the single blue bar in older versions of TuneStacker.

Yellow - Cautions you to check your program log for "Play" items that point to paths or audio files that could not be found.

Red - Alerts you to "Random" and "Rotate" lines in your logs that could not be fulfilled because no items met the criteria. Also alerts you to failures of ProximityGuard to protect against repeats due to an inadequate music library to meet the protection criteria you have specified.

Don't be alarmed if the yellow or red lines initially jump up faster than the green. They are reporting a percentage of errors compared to the entire process up until that point, and since errors are detected first, they'll show as large initially, then shrink as the green progress bar grows. When the program log is completed, you'll have an accurate representation of your cautions and alerts as a percentage of the completed log. You'll also have a number next to the error bars, indicating the number of lines in your log that prompted yellow cautions and red alerts.

When the log is complete, the progress window stays open, so you can see how things went. If you do see some red or yellow, check your program log for error messages by opening it in a text editor and doing a CTRL-F search for the word "error."

Note that if the errors in your master log are TuneTracker commands, not TuneStacker commands, they will not be detected by TuneStacker, however they will be detected and you will be alerted when your program log is loaded in TuneTracker. They will show up in a red message in the scrolling textbox.

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