TuneTracker™ QuickTip

Restarting Tracker and the Deskbar

TuneTracker QuickTip: "" In Haiku® and ZETA, everything is very modular, meaning it's possible to completely turn off parts of the operating system and expect the rest of it to function just fine; a capability that's more than welcome in a broadcasting environment, where rebooting is something you'd rather avoid.

Two killable/restartable parts of the operating system are the Deskbar (the Haiku® equvalent of Windows "Taskbar") and Tracker (the windowing environment that you might know by name, "Explorer" under Microsoft Windows).

When It Needs Doing:

What To Do: Barring very unusual circumstances, killing Tracker or Deskbar will NOT stop or close any running programs such as TuneTracker or SoundPlay, so should not be noticable to listeners.

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