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How Much RAM is Enough?

If you look at our https://www.tunetrackersystems.com/command-center-system-packages.html , you'll notice that our AutoCast 80 computer has 256 MB of RAM, while some of our higher end systems have 1 gigabyte. You might reasonably ask, "If 1 gigabyte is what I really need, why is there a system with only 256 MB of RAM? The answer is, it depends on how you define "need." 256 MB is enough for TuneTracker System to run smoothly and reliably, even while doing tasks as processor-intensive as program log generation. So what's the benefit of the added RAM? Speed. Tasks like generating logs in TuneStacker are sped-up by the addition of RAM, because the system can hold more of its work in memory and do less "hard disk swapping."

But is 256 MB really enough for normal operation? Absolutely. We have seen people run Haiku® and TuneTracker on Pentium 166 and 266 computers with as little as 16 MB of RAM! Do we recommend that? No. But you can feel confident that 256 MB is a nice big, stable playground for the TuneTracker System, and adding additional RAM only makes heavy-duty tasks run faster.

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