TuneTracker™ QuickTip

Quickly Changing File Attributes

SCENARIO:  You want to change the wording of an attribute field in a whole bunch of MP3 files, scattered across various directories, without having to go into all of those directories to make the change.

SOLUTION:  Do a query search to find all the applicable files, and drag the whole found-list into Army Knife. Simple step-by-step instructions follow...

1. Do a Haiku® query search to find all the files on your system that meet the criteria...

You'll get a list of all the files on your system matching the criteria. When the query search is complete, select "All" from the "Window" pulldown menu.

2. Change them in Army Knife

This same procedure can be used to find any grouping of files, regardless of attribute. Instead of "Comment" above, you could just as easily edit the attribute for a cluster of songs by "Genre" or "Artist" or "Album," as examples.

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