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What's the Big Deal About ID3 Tags?

If you are ripping songs from CDs on a computer other than your TuneTracker computer, please be certain the ripper supports looking up the songs in a CD database, and writing ID3 tag data to the files. ID3 tags allow MP3 files to store a lot of very useful information such as Artist, Title, Album, Genre, etc. This data is priceless once you bring your songs into the TuneTracker computer, because it'll save you typing it all in!

In your TuneTracker computer, you can use Army Knife to automatically dig that ID3 tag data out and copy it to the attributes of the files, so they can be found by all that rich information in TuneStacker and Lightning. So don't miss that important step in the ripping process.

Hint: If, rather than using Windows, Mac, or Linux, you rip your songs from CD using our TunePrepper program, right on your TuneTracker computer, the data will be retrieved automatically and written straight to the file attributes, saving you several steps.

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