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Clearing Your Switcher with Route-Off

For those who use Broadcast Tools switchers, our new AutoCast 3.3 has a feature you'll love. As you probably know, the front face of the switcher can be physically controlled using pushbuttons. But there isn't a handy way to deactivate a switcher route, other than pushing another button and activating *that* switcher route. Sometimes, you'll just want to clear them all, and AutoCast 3.3 can do that for you, using our new "Route Off" command.

Simply add a list of items to your program log once a day, or whenever you want AutoCast to "clear the decks" on your switcher. This example assumes you're using the ChannelCaster 4 package, which has four inputs and two outputs. We think you can tell simply enough from the example below what you need to do if you have a different switcher configuration.

# Route-off Input 1 to Output 1

# Route-off Input 1 to Output 2

# Route-off Input 2 to Output 1

# Route-off Input 2 to Output 2

# Route-off Input 3 to Output 1

# Route-off Input 3 to Output 2

# Route-off Input 4 to Output 1

# Route-off Input 4 to Output 2
When AutoCast 3.3 comes across the list, it'll zoom through them so fast you'll scarcely see it happen, and then will move on to whatever is next on your program log. Now your switcher will be a nice, blank slate, with no switcher channels on.

Important: If you are using AutoCast's, "Reserve switcher channel for AutoCast audio," be certain not to include the reserved switcher routing in your "# Route-Off" list, or you'll take AutoCast off the air!

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