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Are You Using the Info Feature?

The "Info" feature is an excellent resource for live announcers, giving them instant access to text information about each song you play. You can read about it in the User's Guide, where you'll see instructions on how to add info to your songs using Army Knife TTE.

The following are some facts and thought-starters related to the Info feature.
  • The Info feature lets you supply your announcers with rich information about the artist, the album the song comes from, trivia, and anything else about the song you think makes for interesting talking points.
  • If you're in the planning stages of creating your music library, consider adding Info as a part of the process as you input songs into the library.
  • The Internet can be a great source of information for Info.
  • Liner notes from the albums the songs came from are another great resource.
  • Info can be added to songs at any time, so it's never too late to enhance your library.
  • Adding Info can be an excellent use of quiet moments for your staff or volunteers. When they have some free time during their shift, they can be instructed to spend that time researching and adding Info to songs in your library.

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