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Common Causes of "Null" Error in Program Logs

If, after generating a program log in TuneStacker, you notice there are "Null" errors on certain lines in the log, it is normally due to one of three factors.

  1. Your hard drive needs re-indexing.

    It's rare, but it can occur. Do CTRL-ALT-D (not Delete) to open a terminal, type Librariand hit Enter. When Librarian is done running, try generating another program log. If you still have a problem with "Nulls," make a copy of your music folder (and and any other folders that you need searched by attribute) by right-clicking on it and choosing Duplicate. Do not use "Move." Be sure it is a true duplicate. Then try again to generate a program log.

  2. SoundPlay is not running.

    In versions of the TuneTracker System prior to 4.2, TuneStacker requires that SoundPlay be running on your computer while the program log is being created. Be sure SoundPlay is not closed, by looking in the deskbar at the bottom of the screen. SoundPlay is launched automatically when TuneTracker is launched.

  3. There are unused drives listed in TuneStacker's "Scan Volumes" dropdown box

    Make certain you have not specified drives in TuneStacker's "Scan Volumes" dropdown button that you are not using. If it says "Multiple Volumes," you may need to limit it more than that, to just the volumes you're actually using.

  4. Upgrade!

    AutoCast releases 4.2 and above resolves the Null issue in almost every case, without your having to do anything.

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