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Finding MP3s in Style,  Part II

The more you learn about Haiku® and the TuneTracker system, the more fun you'll have. Here's a perfect example.

In our last tip, we showed you two ways to rapidly find music by doing a "Find" in Haiku®. This time, we'll show you how to view your Find results in a much slicker way.

You may have noticed that when your Find results are displayed, there are three columns of information (attributes) displayed about each file; their name, modified date, and size. Wouldn't it be nice if you could also automatically see their other attributes in the search window, such as "Playing Time," "Tempo," "Genre," "Album," etc? Sure it would!

Here's a little gift we've prepared for you to download:


Unzip it to your Desktop while running Haiku®, and follow the simple installation instructions (just drag one folder into the other as indicated). After doing so, your Find results for music searches window will display all the same information as in the "Copyable Music Folder" that comes in your TuneTracker installation.

Now you can do all kinds of interesting things!

Suppose you do a search for an Artist, and the list you get is long because you have many songs by that artist. Since you can now see the Album information, click on the "Album" column header in your Find results window, and you can view your songs by Album.

Let's say you want a song by that same artist that is up-tempo, to play coming out of a commercial break. Click on the "Tempo" header, and if you have rated your songs by "Tempo," you will be able to sort the list of songs by that artist just as quickly.

Perhaps you want to play a song by that artist, but you know you are only going to have about three-and-a-half minutes to play it in. Click on the column header for "Playing Time" and sort your list by song length! Note that until a song has first played in SoundPlay, the "Playing Time" field will be blank for that song, so sorting by "Playing Time" will make the most sense after SoundPlay has had the opportunity to play that song at least once before.

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