TuneTracker™ QuickTip

Finding Any File in a Folder Instantly

Having a open a folder that has a bazillion files in it is a bad idea to start with, but if you have one, wouldn't it be nice to be able to just "tell" the computer which file you need and it would show only that one? You can!

Suppose you need to find a file called "Hobbilty Hoy.mp3." With the folder open, just start typing h o b b, and probably in those first few keystrokes, the list in the window will be be trimmed down to just the file you need. Try it!

The letters you typed-in will display in the lower left corner of the window, near the border. Now, as you start hitting the backspace key, you can remove the search letters you typed in, and return to a normal view in the folder window.

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