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The Difference Between "Cautions" and "Errors" in Program Logs

As you generate a program log in TuneStacker, a green progress bar shows how far along it is, and yellow and red progress bars indicate if there are any problems in your log, and what percentage of the overall program log they represent. If you DO see yellow or red activity, the exact nature of the problems can be learned after the program log is done being generated by going to your Program Logs folder, double-clicking on your program log, doing CTRL-F, and searching for the word “caution” or the word “error.”

TuneStacker's yellow bar indicates “cautions.” Cautions are indications that one or more of your Play commands point to files that don’t exist at the locations where they are supposed to. It might be because of a problem with the way you are expressing the path or filename, or it could be that you just haven’t added the file in that location yet. If, when the time comes, AutoCast is able to find the file, all still be well despite the caution message.

The bottom red bar indicates errors; and means that attempts at randomly finding audio files, or rotating through them, has failed. This can be a significant problem if it involves a large number of songs or other audio files. We’ll talk more about the meaning of, and solutions to, common TuneStacker errors in our next QuickTip.

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