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Making Life Easier with UseMyShowSet and UseButtonPadSet

There are two areas of configurable buttons in AutoCast. The ButtonPad buttons along the left side are intended for more general use during a particular time of day, or all day long. The MyShow buttons across the bottom are intended for use by individual DJs or during specific shows. You can set up as many custom buttons as you want in AutoCast, and each button can perform its own unique function. These buttons get arranged into pages, and the pages are stored in "sets," named according to their use or their user. You can have a set of buttons for the morning show, another for afternoon drive, another for Saturday night requests. You can have a set for each DJ, or multiple sets for each DJ. You can go totally nuts with all of that!

What you may not realize is that these sets can be brought up automatically at specific times by AutoCast. This can be really handy! Just add a line like the following to your master log, in which you specify the name of the set you need:

# UseButtonPadSet Weekday Mornings


# UseMyShowSet Nancy Jones 1

That way, the correct set of buttons can be auto-loaded and waiting at the beginning of the broadcast segment that requires them. One less thing to do while you're busy getting ready to do your show!

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