TuneTracker™ QuickTip

Muting SoundPlay (Internet broadcasters only)

NOTE: The following tip works fine if you are streaming to the Internet, because you can turn SoundPlay off in the speakers without it affecting what is streaming to the net. This tip is not something you can do if you're using your sound card's output to broadcast over a transmitter to the airwaves.

If you want to use Haiku®' built-in MediaPlayer to listen to tracks off-air, and don't want to simultaneously be hearing your on-air audio, you can easily mute SoundPlay's output and just hear MediaPlayer's.

1. Click on the blue and red Haiku® "start" button.
2. Under Preferences, choose "Media".
3. Click on Audio Mixer, and put an X in the SoundPlay mute box.

You can keep Media Preferences handy and use it to mute and unmute SoundPlay as often as you like. Just minimize the Media Preferences window when it is not in use. To do so, double-click on the yellow title tab at the top (not the buttons...double-click on the title itself).

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