The contemporary Christian radio music format with a difference.

Welcome to HeartSong Radio from TuneTracker Systems.

HeartSong Radio is more than a music library. It's a whole radio station; a comprehensive radio format that includes music library, imaging elements, format clocks, program logs, short, everything you need to launch a smooth-running, professional-sounding, effective radio ministry to adults, from the day you put it on the air or the Internet.

We know one size doesn't fit all, so in addition to a great out-of-the-box experience, we've also made HeartSong Radio completely customizable, so you can make your station absolutely unique and special.

That's the overview. Now, read on for the details!

Music that flows, from day one.

The format's library contains over 500 songs, meticulously selected from among the top-charting contemporary Christian hits of the 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s. Songs were chosen for their clear message, and for how well they fit into an overall music mix. The result is a terrific Christian radio format that's coherent, easy to listen to, and really communicates to listeners.

Every song has been carefully engineered for consistent audio levels, and silky smooth on-air transitions from one song to the next.

Just turn the key.

A complete, turnkey Christian radio format, HeartSong Radio is so broadcast-ready, you can literally put it on the air the day you get it.

In addition to the music, you also get a comprehensive "HeartSong Radio" imaging package that includes:

Not just another Christian radio format.

HeartSong Radio isn't just about "cranking out the hits." Its message is one of hope, forgiveness, and personal commitment. Our image liners and sweepers encourage listeners to make their faith a real part of their daily lives. And twice an hour, our "VerseBuffers," brief scripture passages about living out our faith, reinforce that theme. 50 VerseBuffers are included in the HeartSong Radio package.

While HeartSong Radio comes pre-programmed, creative Program Directors who want to make their stations completely unique are going to love the format's flexibility. Dream up your own music mix. Detailed information on each song (including Genre, Comment, Rating, Gender, Tempo, and Year/Decade) give you the power to control the music flow all day long. As with the format clocks, you can opt to use all, some, nor none of the included imaging elements that come in the HeartSong package.

We also offer our format with imaging customized to include your call letters and frequency. See the ordering section below for details.

Works with any system.

HeartSong Radio was originally designed for our own TuneTracker radio automation system, but it became clear, early-on, that what we have to offer should be available to everybody. So we have created a twin of HeartSong Radio that will run on virtually any radio automation system. Both versions include the entire HeartSong Radio music library, imaging, and programming elements, at the same price. Included is a comprehensive music library database you can import into your automation's music selector.

All the same customizations are available, whether you order your package for the TuneTracker System or for any other automation system. Just pick the "all other automation systems" option when ordering.

Great for live shows too.

The HeartSong Radio library is equally well-suited whether you're running automated or doing a live show. Ramp times are included, to allow you to intro songs right up until the singing starts.

In the TuneTracker version of the HeartSong Radio library, every song contains extensive information about the artist or group. In TuneTracker, just click-and-hold on a song to bring the text up in the scrolling text box, so you can banter on-air about the artists and their music.

And we "get it" about levels. Excellent engineering of every song assures you won't be scrambling to adjust volumes as you transition from one selection to the next during your live shows.

What does it sound like?

Here are brief and extended samplings from the HeartSong Radio format.

Quick Demo (7:42)
One-Hour Demo (60:00)

HeartSong Radio can be ordered separately, or bundled with any of our TuneTracker Station-in-a-Box radio automation systems. When ordered with a system, it comes preloaded into the system: when you turn the computer on, your format begins playing immediately. Just add in any local content you wish to include, and put it on the air!

The system can also be ordered for all other automation systems, at the exact same price. Both sets of options are below.

The best part.

We've been saving the best part for last. The price.

Get over 500 radio-ready songs (ultra-high 320 kbps MP3 format*), all the sweepers, liners and image elements mentioned above, 50 produced "VerseBuffer" messages, plus format clocks and logs for two versions of the format (light AC and standard AC) all for just $399. The format will come to you on DVD disc (unless you are ordering it pre-installed on one of our Station-in-a-Box systems).

TuneTracker radio
automation system version


For all other radio automation systems


Format is delivered on DVD disc, or if ordered with a TuneTracker System, comes pre-installed on your TuneTracker computer, with a backup copy on disc.

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