Breaking the Time Barrier.

Hourless Time Announcements

Announcing the time is a valuable service, but most Internet broadcasters don't do it. Why? Because they serve multiple time zones. If they announce their local time, it'll be wrong in the 23 other zones where people might be listening.

But there's a simple solution. Our "Hourless Time package contains a full set of announcements that give the time in minutes without announcing the hour.

Why it works

The fact is, most people already know what hour they're in. What they care about is how much time is left in the hour. If they're getting ready for work or school, for example, what concerns them is how much time they have before they have to dash out the door.

Since the earliest days of international radio, broadcasters have used a simple solution to the problem that is just as valid today as it was when the first stations hit the airwaves. They announce the time as the number of minutes past the hour, or the number of minutes until the hour. The announcements proclaim it to be, "12 past the hour," "half past the hour," "six minutes before the hour," etc. This lets stations provide time checks that keep their listeners on track, without regard to time zones.

The hourless time announcement system will let you use this time-honored approach on your radio station. It lets you provide a great service that will give your radio station an instant advantage, and your listeners one more really good reason to tune in, time after time.

So, whether you're an Internet broadcaster or an international shortwave or AM station whose service area spans multiple time zones, our hourless time announcement package is a great choice.


Hourless Time™ Announcements

Complete Set of Hourless Time Announcements.

License and CD for a full set of professionally-voiced hourless time announcements for use in AutoCast and TuneTracker 2 Pro. Delivered by postal mail.