Sometimes, low-tech is the best tech

While our electronic documentation is great, some people work better, and just plain feel better, reading from a printed manual. Are you one of those people?

Maybe your eyes prefer paper to a computer screen. It might be that you like the idea of being able to look through software documentation without it blocking the window you're trying to learn about. Maybe you're a page flipper, a corner bender, a book-marker. You like to use colored highlighters to mark key passages, and sticky arrows. You love to scribble notes in the page margins. And just maybe, you do your very best reading, and thinking, in an easy chair.

If that's you, we're pleased to offer you our complete System 6 User's Guide as a bound volume; containing clear, well-written, friendly documentation, complete with a Table of Contents, Appendix, and Glossary. There are generous side margins for written notes, stickies, flags, etc.

The System 6 User's Guide printed edition documents the use of the AutoCast radio automation program, TuneStacker music selection software, Lightning song finder/program log editor, MakeMyDay master log creator, CSacker report generator, and Army Knife attribute editor, as well as available add-ons such as the TuneBacker hard drive backup system, Fetchit! downloader, TunePrepper music ripper/prepper, TT Anywhere remote administration server, ChannelCaster switcher packages, and TuneBridge music database generator.

Our User's Guide is printed on quality stock, and bound using a process that allows you to easily open it and lay it flat on a surface without it flopping closed on you. This is a true hard-cover volume, with rigid, waterproof front and back covers that are safe even from the dreaded wet coffee cup.


We understand that, when you want a printed manual, you want it now. So we keep these in stock and safely cartoned, ready for instant shipment. Go ahead, order yours right away, and rest assured we'll ship immediately and get the System 6 User's Guide into your hands fast.

Large operation? Consider getting two more more copies for various departments involved in your broadcast operation. If you call to place your order for more than one copy, we'll waive shipping on the additional copies.


TuneTracker System 6 User's Guide

234 Pages - Hard Cover Edition

Shipped via U.S. postal mail. Rapid turnaround.