Taking the "Fast Track"

People have different learning styles. For some, reading a printed, paper manual is a natural, comfortable experience. For others, narrated, video instructions work better. Some like a combination of the two. Regardless of your situation, we have you covered.

Introducing the FastTracker HD Video Learning Series, the fast track to learning, understanding, and getting the most out of your TuneTracker Systems products.

Just slide a disc into your DVD player or computer, and relax while TuneTracker System's Dane Scott takes you through features and shows you how to use them.

Great on TV, Great on the computer.

FastTracker videos are produced in high definition, so they look awesome on your HD television or widescreen computer monitor. They also display fine on traditional 4:3 monitors and TVs.

Perfect for Training

With FastTracker DVDs, you'll learn faster, and so will your staff. Just sit them down at the computer, pop in a FastTracker DVD, and they'll will be up-to-speed in no time. If you're training a group, or using FastTracker in the classroom, project the videos onto an overhead display.

Try this. Launch the TuneTracker application you want to learn about, then play the corresponding FastTracker video. You can pause at any time, try out what's being described, then continue watching. Back up in the video if you'd to review portions of it.

Get the full set, or individual DVDs, using the options below.

"The Complete Library"

Our complete seven-disc set is the most-popular. Included are "Zero to 60," AutoCast, Haiku, Lightning, ArmyKnife, TunePrepper, and TT Anywhere. Save $60 over buying the discs individually.

The entire FastTracker HD Video Learning Series:  $99.95

Upgrade Your Library

If you already own the entire original FastTracker library, you can buy the FastTracker HD set, complete, for just $39.95. Included are "Zero to 60," AutoCast, Haiku, Lightning, ArmyKnife, TunePrepper, and TT Anywhere.

(We will check our records to confirm the orderer purchased the library previously)

The entire FastTracker Learning Series:  $39.95

Individual Videos

"Zero to 60"

(Highly recommended to all users)

Get this one. It'll put you on the fast track to understanding the system and setting up your station. It introduces you to the use of "attributes" and demonstrates how they allow all your audio files to be found in System 6. It shows you how to create your format clocks, master logs, and program logs. Of all the DVDs in the collection, this one is the most important to include in your order.

Zero to 60  $29.95


A complete, feature-by-feature tour and tutorial about the AutoCast interface. Learn what everything does, how it works, how to get fast context help, how all the buttons work, how to configure your own hot buttons for your staff or your DJ show, how to load in and edit program logs (playlists) using drag-n-drop, how to run a live DJ show using TuneTracker, information ramp times, and tons more.

AutoCast:  $29.95


One of the most popular tools in System 6, ArmyKnife has five different "blades" you can use to mark your music and other audio files with valuable attribute and transition information. This DVD contains a wealth of information on ArmyKnife's interface, and explains how to use it to the best advantage at your radio station.

ArmyKnife:  $19.95


Lightning is a utility that makes finding call-in requests (and all other audio files) simple and lightning-fast. This DVD shows users how to rapidly do drag-n-drop edits of program logs (playlists). On this DVD, we open a world of possibilities to you for way Lightning can make life at your radio station easier and more fun. Lightning does more than most people realize. Become a Lightning "power-user."

Lightning:  $19.95


With TunePrepper, you can rip your way through stacks of CDs, converting them all to your choice of audio formats, and properly preparing them for broadcast use. But did you know you can also use it to convert existing files to a different format, while simultaneously updating all the song information? TunePrepper is a powerhouse program, and in this DVD, we reveal all the things it can do, and how to do them.

TunePrepper DVD:  $19.95

"TT Anywhere"

Darn. You drove home without taking care of an important detail at the radio station. Or, you're out at a remote broadcast site, and the person back at the station (the one that was supposed to engineer your broadcast) got sick and had to go home. What's to do? With TT Anywhere, you can remotely work on your TuneTracker computer as if you were sitting in front of it, even putting yourself on the air from a remote. Find out how to set your system up to get maximum use out of this amazing program.

TT Anywhere DVD...$19.95

"Discover Haiku!"

With Haiku®, you can do all the same sorts of things you're used to in Windows, only faster. Go for a guided tour through all the basics of using Haiku®, including, the Deskbar and "Start Button," the desktop, icons, and windows, doing basic file operations such as copying, moving, deleting, and opening, file "attributes" and their uses, making selections, using multiple workspaces, and lots more.

Haiku!:  $19.95