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Setting up FTP

FTP is the fast, universal way to transfer files from any computer, into your TuneTracker computer. It's beautifully simple, works on any flavor of PC, Mac, Linux, or other computer, and best of all, your TuneTracker installation automatically supports it.

The following assumes you already have networking set up on your TuneTracker computer. If not, refer to our previous QuickTip on basic networking setup.

To set it up, just go into the Network Preferences on your TuneTracker computer, and select "Services," assuring that the FTP server is turned on. A button that same screen lets you set a user name and password. Then apply and save your changes. Before you close Network preferences, look under the "Main" tab (Zeta) or click the "Settings" button (Haiku®) and write down the IP address found in the top text box.

On your other computer, run an FTP program. A great free one for Windows computers is Core FTP Lite, which we highly recommend. In your FTP program, set up a new connection, entering-in the username and password you chose, and the IP address of the TuneTracker computer. You should already be able to click Connect and hook up! Now, you're presented with two window panes, and can drag and drop files from one computer to the other.

FTP works terrific across a local area network in your building, or even as a way to transfer files to your TuneTracker computer across the Internet from a location anywhere in the world.

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