Your personal time-shifter.

TimeTracker "Time Shift" Background Recorder

TimeTracker is a powerful, flexible "time shifting" background recorder that lets you capture live network newscasts, closed-circuit network advisories and actuality feeds, sermons, speeches, concerts, and anything else you need to "record now, play later." Grab an unlimited number of recordings from various input sources* that can each repeat on their own custom recording timetables.

As with our other products, TimeTracker is carefully designed for clarity of purpose and ease of use. Moments after launching the program, you'll find yourself happily scheduling delayed recordings using controls that actually make sense.

Make every time-shift recording unique...

TimeTracker gives you complete control over each time-shift audio recording event you schedule.

Very friendly in use...

TimeTracker is very polite about running as a background task, co-existing nicely with TuneTracker™ and TuneStacker ™. All three may be allowed to run simultaneously, with the only limitation that you cannot record from the computer's line input channel while also broadcasting the live input channel (not a limitation if you're using a switcher).



Background Recording Software

Single user license and software for TimeTracker time-shifting, background recording software, which will be sent to the purchaser via e-mail.




* Input selection feature requires one of our available TuneTracker switcher packages with Broadcast Tools switcher.