We aren't satisfied until you are, and it shows in the comments we receive from customers and the media.

"I like the features and flexibility."

TuneTracker works very well using satellite automation. I like the features and flexibility. We use a mixture of satellite programming, live assist, and music on hard drive. TuneTracker is able to handle them all nicely.

Tim Radford
WKRK Radio
Murphy, NC

"nothing short of amazing"

"AutoCast has been nothing short of amazing. It's gotten us up and running with 7/24 168 hours a week of air products safely. The more we learn about it, the more impressed we are with its capabilities.

"...we've discovered it'll faithfully execute whatever commands we give it...it's been a great system for us."

Mike Starling
Chief Engineer, National Public Radio (retired)
Hear his complete comments

"I'm just so pleased"

"I'm just so pleased with AutoCast from TuneTracker Systems. It is so flexible...I can't get over how many different ways I can use TuneTracker Systems. You can program it to do just about anything. I've even thought about plugging the coffee maker into the back of my switcher and having (AutoCast) turn it on every morning for me.

Robert Lowe
Hear his complete comments

"five months without a hiccup"

"As a new LPFM broadcaster, we were looking for maximum capabilities, reasonable cost and ease of operation. We found all that and more in the System 6 Station-in-a-Box. Once you grasp AutoCast's attribute-driven approach, it is all user-friendly.

"We are broadcasting on our local frequency and streaming around the world, 24/7, using AutoCast and their awesome HeartSong Radio classic contemporary Christian music library.....and have been on the air for five months without a hiccup in the automation.

"In the few instances when I needed assistance, TuneTracker Systems support staff was swiftly and knowledgeably responsive. Problem solved!"

Gary Brown

"Everything is running and sounding really great!"

"I sincerely want to let you know I appreciated your help, customer service and support in getting the station up and running with the TuneTracker System. Your professionalism was second to none. TuneTracker System beats the other automation software I was using hands down. Everything is running and sounding really great!

W. Bowen
Alpha Broadcasting

"The listener feedback has been outstanding in regard to the sound of the station, and I couldn't be happier."

"When the automation system that we'd had for some years finally crashed, I was a bit apprehensive about purchasing a new one with all the choices out there. After some research I found TuneTracker and the "station in a box" option. I called and...we were able to find just the package for me.

"Not only was it cost effective for my station, but the simplicity of it was a huge selling point for me. I had to have the station up and running smoothly within a short period of time, and with the additional purchase of a format clock, it was extremely easy. Between the simplicity of the program and the excellent technical help that was available to me, I was able to get us up and running in no time. The listener feedback has been outstanding in regard to the sound of the station, and I couldn't be happier."

Cj Cole
GM, WVES "Shore Country"

"One lock-up in three years!"

"We've had our system running 24/7 for three years and we've only had it lock up one time. That's just incredible, because with the big systems, the big corporation stations, they lock up weekly."

Travis Nunn
Hear his complete comments

"Always there when we need you.."

"I just wanted to say how much I appreciate you and your organization. When I spoke to you about two years ago, when we were getting the radio station, you gave me a lot of good advice. And everything you said, and more, you and your organization have done. I just couldn't be more pleased with the entire process. You're always there when we need you. You give us the right answers the first time....we got the station-in-a-box, which really helped; I really liked all the things you did with that...it's just been a pleasant experience (and I can't always say that about vendors, but I can say that about you guys). TuneTracker does exceedingly, abundantly above and beyond whatever they say."

Morris St. Angelo
WGON, Slidell, Louisianna
Hear his complete comments

Tunetracker can do it all for you!

"I ordered AutoCast and got the 8 channel switcher. I was (wary) when it came to hooking up all the audio and relays from the satellite receivers to the switcher and making program logs all work together to automate all these programs from different networks and be able to do it right. Well, I had this station the air and running in a week. The station runs 24/7, and the Tunetracker system switches between the receivers and responds to the relays without missing a beat.

"The phone and email support has been second to none. I use TT Anywhere to log in from home and check on it. I use FTP to send weather, school closings, full programs and severe weather alerts straight to the Tunetracker PC. We do a live show in the afternoon and it works great for that as well. I have much more to discover about this system, and every time I re-read the manual I say "hey, I know what I can use that for!"

"If you want a system to run your talk radio station, don't spend thousands of dollars when Tunetracker can do it all for you!"

Matt Wilson
Lafayette, Indiana

They're amazed at what we have...for a fraction of what they paid.

"People visit us from local radio stations (where) they've spent a LOT of money on some automation systems out there from Scott Systems and some of the (automation systems) that Clear Channel is using right now, and they've compared what we're doing.

"They're just amazed at the fact that we got what we have...for a fraction of what they paid, and how much more our system actually does. And also the simplicity of the interface, compared to what they have. They like our system much better."

Brian Corea
Station Manager
OUS Radio
Ohio University Southern
Ironton, Ohio
Hear his complete comments

The manual...is really a masterpiece.

"I went through the manual and took notes. It is really a masterpiece. I've never dealt with a company that had this much excellent training available. And the program itself is superb.

Mark Welch
Producer, CATV47

The price? Unbelievable. It's a winner.

"I worked with a big New York City station. We had a Scott system...I can't think of a single thing that I used on the Scott that isn't available (in TuneTracker.) And the price. Unbelievable. It's a winner."

Matt Stutterheim
Broadcast Engineer
Hear his complete comments >

simple, affordable and really performs

"We fired-up the TuneTracker System a few years ago and I can count one hand the times the system has needed rebooting or attention...that's in years. This system is so stable and chugs along without missing a beat.

Once you set-up your format (with an easy template already on the system), this thing is beautiful. It's simple, affordable and really performs without worry. You can run our feed on-line at www.LigonierRadio.com and you can hear how smooth it can sound."

Ron Adams

I want to thank You for your amazing customer service.

"Recently when the station had an short power outage, our "old" automation system shut down, and went off air for nearly 3 hours until somebody noticed, called me, and I came in and restarted it, but...our new TuneTracker (computer was) playing along as if nothing had happened. I was smiling.

I want to thank You for your amazing customer service. I've had to deal with a lot of companies, and organizations, and so many times I've been put on hold, or told to wait, or to see somebody else, or just plain ignored. I've never felt that way with TuneTracker. I always felt like I could call, or e-mail to work with you...and you always had the knowledge to assist me, and always seemed cheerful to be of assistance. That means a lot to me."

Larry French
Presque Isle, Maine

Very reliable for us.

"We're a community radio station out on the end of Long Island and we went on the air Memorial Day weekend. TuneTracker has been running...nonstop. It's a workhorse. It's amazing that it just keeps going, it does what we need it to do, and it's reliable. When I do need help, I can pick up the phone and call and they can help me through making this all work. It really has been very reliable for us."

Barbara Barri
Long Island, NY
Hear her complete comments >

always great service.

Thanks for your time and help, always great service from TuneTracker!

Jeremy MacDonough
WECS 90.1

Your software is the best.

I am the General Manager of a faith-based LPFM. Our station utilizes TuneTracker...

...Your software is the best and has truly set us apart from other LPFM stations in the area. Thanks,

James Taylor
Fusion Radio 98.7FM WLFQ-LP
Living Faith Fellowship

you went the extra measure with us to get us up and running...fast!

"We are thrilled with our TuneTracker System. The students are really getting the hang of its operations, and I absolutely adore the clarity and music selection capabilities of the TT system.

We could not be more excited or motivated to create powerful and engaging shows for our audiences. We really appreciate that you went the extra measure with us to get us up and running..."fast!"

Dr. Deborah Young
Digital Film, Video, and Radio Production
Division of Arts and Sciences
William Woods University

I am very glad I found you

"Thanks again for all the help and for having such a wonderful system. Good price and plenty of features. I think we are using it only at 1/3 potential but as station grows...those extra features will be utilized.

It will be great to "de-clutter" our studios as (our previous system) needed 3 computers in each studio. Now we will be down to 2 - 3 computers for the whole broadcasting side of things.

...It is reassuring to know from the management point of view that I can dial into the system and help with logs, etc...

I am very glad I found you when I began researching new systems all those months ago. We are really pleased with our investment. We nearly opted for other systems but (are) very happy we didn't."

Pete Whiting
Mount Gambier
South Australia

Easy to install and program

"The system is set out in a logical way and is easy to install and program. ...The (tech guy) can walk you through ANYTHING you throw at him, or if you have purchased TT Anywhere, he can just take your computer into his magic hands and fix it as you watch.

If it was just the equipment and (comprehensive) manual I would give TuneTracker a 9. The unbelievable Knowledge of the tech support puts it above 10. I am normally more of a critic, but this system deserves the praise."

Doug Wilhite
Chief Engineer WELE/Goliath Radio

...the system has saved us countless dollars in overhead...

"I just thought I'd send you an e-mail about our success with the TuneTracker Automation System.

In this ever tightening economy, I had to look at many different systems for our station. (While) cost was our first consideration and in the process, we hoped that the system we purchased would fill our needs. After (looking at) many potential systems, the TuneTracker system was selected.

Since the purchase, the system has saved us countless dollars in overhead. Now all but 5 1/2 hours of every 24 hour day is handled totally by the TuneTracker system.

The learning curve was accelerated by your great one-on-one support. Thanks for everything!"

Barney Conway
Williamston, NC

...24 hrs. a day without a hiccup. It's just fantastic.

"My experience with TuneTracker has been wonderful. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time learning the program and all of the features it possesses. Every time I think of something I would like to try, TuneTracker has a way of making it happen, and always intuitively and fun. The stability of (the operating system) has always impressed me from day one, so to base a radio automation program on this platform was pure genius.

The system I run TuneTracker on is rock solid, runs 24 hrs. a day without a hiccup. It's just fantastic. Add world class support to these products and you have a winning combination. You won't be disappointed! "

Richard Putch

...the only piece of equipment that restarted itself properly

WIXL-LP went down hard this afternoon...it was just a power failure, long enough for the UPSs to give out. The good ol' (TuneTracker System) was about the only piece of equipment that restarted itself properly when the power came back on. "

Tom Weeden

The system just works beautifully...

"We've found the system to be extremely reliable, very user-friendly. The system itself just works beautifully, in a hands-free operation.

We just leave it alone and program it to do what we need it to do, and it does everything without ever having to worry about it. The system is something I would highly recommend."

Steve Woodham
Sonrise Broadcasting
Today's Praise and Worship
Tulsa, OK
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Comparable to systems costing many thousands of dollars...

"In 2001, they went where no radio automation company had gone before, with prices and products to empower "the little guy." Now, five years later, they're out to empower the..."middle-sized guy.

"TuneTracker "AutoCast" boasts an interface and feature set comparable to systems costing many thousands of dollars, but this one is priced within reach of just about every broadcaster.

"Its cool, configurable interface lets every DJ set up pages and pages of instant-access buttons, and there's a killer new music selection program for creating the ultimate music mix. "

Dave Graveline
Intomorrow Radio Show
Hear his complete report
Hear his interview with TuneTracker Systems' Dane Scott

You guys have been just tremendous

"It's really been a blessing to have this system put into place and it's really made a difference in our radio format. We're really impressed with the operation of it; the format that comes out on the radio waves. We also appreciate the tech support. You guys have been just tremendous, bearing with us with being new to all this, and we just truly appreciate your product. We would recommend this to anybody.

Clyde Graves
Gospel Connection
Hear his comments

So smooth that it sounds like human intervention.

"I was having coffee this morning with a couple of guys in the business and they knew about our trouble with the old automation, and knew that we had a new one going, and they didn't know what it was, but asked, "how many board ops do you have working there?' I said, 'none. It's the new automation.' And he was just so flabbergasted to hear the thing so smooth...that it sounds like human intervention. And they just stood there, saying "well what is it?" And I told them it was TuneTracker. He said he hadn't heard of it but was going to look into it. I said, "you should, it'll save you a lot of money.' They were very impressed."

Steve Mitchell WJJL
Buffalo, NY
Hear his complete comments >

superior customer service.

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your superior customer service.

"It is so comforting to know that there are companies and individuals like yourself that are willing to take such an interest in their clientele. This fact does not go unnoticed by us, so thank you again. I appreciate and value that greatly.

Aaron Mendelson
Director of Entertainment
Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center

most impressed by the support and service I have received.

"The Tune Tracker system is amazing and does everything you say it will do, and more, (and) I have been most impressed by the support and service I have received since purchasing the system.

Each and every question, however idiotic, was answered quickly, cordially and professionally. Yours is NOT a company who sells a product, pats you on the back and says ‘best of luck” and is never seen or heard from again. I always know that there is help, sometimes very creative help on the other end of the line.

Scott Anderson
LJW/Anderson Productions

The stability has been one of the strongest selling points

"I've been a broadcast engineer for about 20 years in the past...I went to Bostone time and we bought about a $65,000 automation system which couldn't do a fraction of what TuneTracker does..

"..other operating systems have their problems...(but with) the ...operating system it has eliminated the stress involved with running an automated radio station...it has worked out to be a tremendous buy for the money. The stability has been one of the strongest selling points..."

Lonnie Hutto
Monroe, LA
Hear his complete comments >

Running continuously since December, 2003

"When we first went on the air here at KITC-LP FM, we were running Windows-based automated software. We could not keep it running for more than a few days, sometimes not even for a few hours before it would crash. The support was not helpful, and needless to say we were pulling our hair out.

"I called (TuneTracker Systems) who shipped right away. I got TuneTracker Pro...I thought it was going to take forever (to learn), but man was I surprised. The online manual took me step by step, and when I didn't understand (I'm not the greatest guru of computers) I called for support. They walked me through it and took as much time as was needed.

"Since we had it up and running, (Dec 27th 2003) it hasn't stopped yet. We have different logs for each day of the week and over 7,000 songs in the system.

"Thanks for being there day and night when I had questions, and thanks for a superior product that does what you say it will do.

"I would highly recommend TuneTracker to anyone who needs a fully-automated system. You won't be sorry."

Bill Scally
General Manager
KITC-LP FM 106.5
Gilchrist Oregon

24/7 non-stop for ten months, with zero downtime.

"We've had TuneTracker running 24/7 non-stop for ten months with zero downtime problems and no software problems. I am more impressed every day with the versatility and reliability built into the system.

"Beyond that I am most impressed with (your)amazingly quick and knowlegable responses to questions. We appreciate the great product support and adaptability of the product.

"One of our staff is a broadcast veteran of 35 years...and he was very much impressed by the quality of TuneTracker and it's abilities at a very nominal cost compared to other types of software in the industry.

"This is the best system for the small station."

Charles Bridges
KBCC-LP 107.9

It's very easy to use. It's solid as a rock.

"The previous system that we had...promised much and delivered next to nothing. After several years of frustration, we knew we had to do something. We stumbled upon TuneTracker and traveled to (a nearby station to see their TuneTracker operation, and)...walked away convinced that this is what we needed... We ordered the system, we received it very quickly, and we fell in love with it. It's very easy to use. It's solid as a rock. And (TuneTracker Systems) could not be more kind and generous with their time and expertise."

Greg Goodfellow
Sistersville, WV
Hear his complete comments >

I could not imagine using anything else.

"It has been one year since my purchase of a station in a box, and I enjoy working with it. I have had success with the TT3 software. I could not imagine using anything else. The staff at Tunetracker stands by their software in every way. The support is A1. Great job!"

Daniel Kirby, Owner
Mohawk Radio

Affordable, turnkey automation and live assist

"Thanks so much for everything, and for building a turnkey automation and live assist (platform) affordable enough for Christians stations such as ours who have tight budgets. "

Perry Walters
Radio Corazon

You can't kill it...unlike Windows.

"We purchased Tunetracker Pro a while back for our LPFM radio station, WJIH-LP...Tunetracker has been plugging along perfectly...I really get a kick out of simulating a power failure and watching everything come right back up an on the air again, within about 45 seconds. One thing I noticed about... Tunetracker, it doesn't like to NOT play. You can't kill it... unlike Windows which loves to shut down, lock up, etc."

Jeffrey Mein

TuneTracker takes care of the whole thing without missing a beat.

"TuneTracker's fantastic because it's just absolutely adaptable to any situation. I can (schedule a live church service to be broadcast unattended)...and TuneTracker takes care of the whole thing without missing a beat.

"When we first got TuneTracker I was a little apprehensive...I knew I wasn't a computer programmer...but TuneTracker makes it so simple that even the youngest, least-experienced person can do it with absolutely no problem."

Michael "Bat" Masterson
Altus, OK
Hear his complete comments >

works perfectly for our (syndicated) talk radio program.

"The Tune Tracker System works perfectly for our (syndicated) talk radio program, and the customer support is absolutely first class. They had us up and running in less than a week, and it's been running without even a hiccup ever since.

"This is one of the best automation systems on the market, regardless of price."

Thom Hartmann
The Thom Hartmann Program
Hear his complete comments >

Most gratifying.

"My experience with TuneTracker was most gratifying...once one gets started, the potential of TuneTracker becomes apparent and making it do everything one wants becomes truly addictive."

Tom Vernon
Radio World Magazine

We are constantly amazed at what the program will do, especially for the price.

"Just a note to thank you for all your help...the time you have spent supporting us as we switched over from another radio automation program. We have found TuneTracker to do exactly what we wanted for our 24 hour programming. We are a rural, small-town FM station and working on a tight budget.

"Your willingness to spend time with us as we adjusted to a new system is unheard-of in our experience. You even called to find out how things were going...

"We are constantly amazed at what the program will do, especially for the price."

John Clark
Consultant, KSSB-FM

a really excellent program

"For the radio station software, I use a really excellent program called TuneTracker Pro, it will allow you to completely automate the radio station including the broadcast, music selection and log generation, background recording and post-broadcast reporting.

"The TuneTracker radio automation software can handle live shows as well as pre-recorded events. The software can also cut to 'live' events at different times during the session, so that you could cut to weather or news, etc. and make a whole lot of people very happy."

James Harkin
Start Your Own Home-Based Radio or TV Station

Not only have we found the program itself to be excellent, but we have also found the technical support we receive to be enormously helpful.

"At WFBH we trust TuneTracker to run our radio station 24 hours a day. It does so flawlessly.

"WFBH is a Moody Radio affiliate. Therefore we need to switch to network programming a couple of times each hour. TuneTracker makes those switches with perfect timing. Our radio station serves several thousand people. We don't want to be embarrassed. TuneTracker has not only kept us from being embarrassed-- it has made us proud. Not only have we found the program itself to be excellent, but we have also found the technical report we receive to be enormously helpful (with) a gracious and patient spirit... Thanks to TuneTracker we are able to provide our community with quality Christian radio 24 hours a day! "

Danny May
Hamilton, AL

There is zero instability!

"TuneTracker is so stable that I never worry about it. It runs forever. There is zero instability. I will tell you that this runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days, cycling through our playlists."

K.C. Kote
Georgetown, CA
Hear his complete comments >

I encourage all stations that are getting started to go with TuneTracker.

"The "Tunetracker system that we purchased is truly incredible. I have worked with several different systems such as Smartcaster & Phantom but there is none else that is as easy to program or performs like TuneTracker.

"I encourage all stations that are getting started to go with TuneTracker. Customer service is always there to guide you through the learning experience and answer any question that you may have. The price of this system is unbelievable."

Pastor Ray Morris
P/D for WANS
Anderson SC

Especially the technical support we receive is excellent.

"I run Indian Punjabi Radio Station 24x7. Thank you TuneTracker, you made my life very easy. Best radio automation and live DJ software I find. I have tried many other software, none I was happy with.

"Especially the technical support we receive is excellent."

Jaswant Singh
Managing Director
Apna Radio International, LLC

I have NEVER found a company that supported their product as well as you do.

"I just wanted to tell you that there are millions of companies that are doing business on the internet that could learn a great deal from your company.

"Today I spoke with you (at length) trying to get a customers computer back up and running (due to an unusual problem). And with your knowledge of not only your product, but also (the operating system), they are up and running and very happy.

"I have NEVER found a company that supported their product as well as you do and I have been in this business for many years. "

David Smith

TuneTracker has been answer to prayer!

"TuneTracker has been answer to prayer. I want to personally thank you...for your help in getting WGON-LP on the air. We were looking for a "user friendly" automation system that was not only flexible in programming and cost effective but would also minimize our work load. TuneTracker has been the answer.

"Our small staff had very limited radio experience. TuneTracker has been easy to learn and to maintain. Even with a weeks worth of program logs loaded in TuneTracker, we've been able to keep the content consistently fresh with the ability to edit and "fine tune" the programs.

"Again, thank you...for all of your help...and for always being available to help."

Cindy Collins

I've never had so much fun programming a station before!

"What pleases me most is that TT2 has operated completely glitch free since our sign on December 6, 2002. At that time we were playing nothing but Christmas music, but since then, I have redone the program logs at least two times and we have settled into our 50s and 60s oldies format, plus a special day long tribute to Elvis Presley last Wednesday (January 8, 2003), in which nothing but Elvis music was played.

"In such a short time I've become spoiled to... TT2. The system is so stable and flawless that the folks across town who spent in excess of 60K for their system are scratching their heads. The reason I know this is that I am being ASKED just what kind of staff I have to run so consistent in a non-commercial operation. What better compliment could I give you on your excellent system.

"I am a consulting engineer, and have installed any number of systems. Hands down, YOURS was the easiest to install and the easiest to program and get stable.

"I've never had so much fun programming a station before!"

Rick Whitworth
Sangelo, Texas

The support is second to none.

"TuneTracker offers...the features of the more expensive software...plus a few extras.

"The support is second to none, (while) the "other companies" have been known to charge for very little help.

"TuneTracker should be the software package that all stations use....whether big or small, commercial or non-commercial."

Gary Hill
Woodstock, Ontario
Hear his complete comments >

...after working with it for a couple of days I was sold.

"I got a phone call from a friend who needed some help starting a station here in Jacksonville. He had this great software called TuneTracker which he said would make the station fully automatic. Well after working with it for a couple of days I was sold that this was the best, easiest-to-use software, and you could not beat the price."

Mike Karlos
Radio Mt.Vernon
Jacksonville Fla

TuneTracker has given us a chance to compete

"The semester before we got TuneTracker, I had only eight students doing shows each week. AFTER TuneTracker came along, the station went 24/7 with students pausing the system when they went live. THAT semester we recruited 22 DJs and interest has continued to build...

"I never thought we'd automate our station. When I first looked into it, automation software costs anywhere between $8,000 and $20,000. TuneTracker has given us a chance to compete and develop our radio program in ways I never expected."

Greg Brown
High Point University
High Point, North Carolina

best customer service...

"I was very keen to see what it could do, and I was not disappointed. I took to it like a duck to water.

"My thanks for what has been the best customer service I have experienced for many a year, and my thanks to you and your team for producing such a great product, at a sensible price."

Adrian Truelove
Chippenham Hospital Radio, U.K.

"TuneTracker System has the features of the costly...systems, and it's one of the most stable systems at any price."

Into Tomorrow
Consumer and Electronics Technology Radio Report
Hear the entire story about the TuneTracker™ System

"I would like to thank you and your team one more time for such an exceptional customer service and for your willingness to help. "

Andre Pronin
Radio Nedelka

"We at WOCO Radio had looked at several computer automation systems to replace our older tape system. I couldn't believe that a system this inexpensive could work as well as TuneTracker works. As you know most of the systems start at well over $1500.00. Thanks again. "

Walt Kaszynski, GM
WOCO AM & FM, Wisconsin

"(TuneTracker™) breaks down the traditional price/performance barriers...(offering) broadcast software at a price dramatically below other comparable packages.."

Radio Ink

"(TuneTracker) brings the professional features of high-end systems to a new generation of small and specialized broadcasters.

Radio Guide

"TuneTracker and its companion programs offer stable, professional-quality broadcast software."

BE Broadcast Electronics

"Tunetracker is great...it was easy to learn and operate. I wish we would have had it at the station to begin with. Other systems we looked at had unreal price tags that we couldn't reach with our budget. Thanks to Tunetracker we have a system that works great at price we could reach."

Sandy Haga
New Life Radio

"While most vertical solutions are too spendy for all but the most professional budgets, the TuneTracker system...brings radio automation into reach for all kinds of low-budget and non-commercial stations."

Scot Hacker

"(TuneTracker) shatters all kinds of price-performance barriers for professional radio broadcasting software..TuneTracker is designed from the bottom-up for non-stop reliability so users can walk away, and even go on vacation, knowing it will still be running faithfully when they return."


"I absolutely love the (option of using) command line input on Tunestacker. We were finally able to compile playlogs with songs from different harddrives. We also were able to compile weeks worth of playlogs with a simple script!!!!"

Daniel Lindmark
WIIT-FM, Chicago

"Unlike any system of comparable price, TuneTracker™ lets you design your own completely original, totally creative radio format with as many unique format clock hours and as many different master logs as you like."

Radio Shopper

"I've been using this package for about 4 months now... and I just have to say WOW. ...it's stable as heck....it also handles all sorts of time elements...Want something to kick off at 6pm? Put it in your format clock, TuneTracker takes care of making it happen. I really can't say enough about this package."

Electronic Deconstruction Radio

"Well, I haven't had need to ask questions.

"Tune Tracker is SMOKIN' here in Sandy Springs!"

Jim Graham
Sandy Springs, SC

"It's a steal. Its features and performance per dollar are unmatched."


"TuneTracker is rock solid. I've never had it crash on me, and I run my station 24/7 along with many other services on the same machine."

David Muszynski
Technospider Radio

"Having used professional automation software and hardware at broadcast stations, TuneTracker compares very favorably with systems that cost 20 times as much.."

Charles Layno, Linuxradio

"Thanks again for everything. You've got a great product here. Give us a listen sometime!"

Mike Collier

"Slingshot radio runs (TuneTracker) 24/7 on an AMD K6 MMX @ 200 MHz without problems of any kind. It even creates playlists while streaming..."

Luis Nogueria
Slingshot Radio

"My stream box has been up for 39 days (without) crashing once. Plus I'm running a perl script to generate and upload my playlist to a remote webserver, that has created nearly 3 million processes in it's round of uptime. All this on a Celeron 400 with 64 megs of RAM. Can't beat that."

David Jones

"(with) Infinite Walkaway...you can set up your radio station and get on with your life"

Broadcaster Neil Morris

"I like everything about it. It's VERY straighforward, and is a breeze to use. I'd recommend it to anyone wanting to broadcast anything at all. Thanks for making a small radio station affordable!"

Broadcaster Adam McNutt

"I think it is an excellent, well rounded product. I had my own radio station set up and streaming music in minutes. TuneTracker draws on the strengths of (the operating system) and SoundPlay to create a rock solid system for an unbeatable price."

John Slevin