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The Pervasive Nature of the TuneTracker System

If you cut the head off a chicken, it'll keep running around the barnyard for awhile. The TuneTracker System does something similar. Did you know you can totally close TuneTracker during a song? Even if you do, SoundPlay will continue playing the song. The feature comes in handy if you need to upgrade to a new version of TuneTracker, or for any other reason, relaunch it. When it comes back up, just double-check that TuneTracker has found the correct place in the log to continue playing, put it back in Auto mode, and you're all set. When the current song ends in SoundPlay, TuneTracker will start the next audio event and keep right on going.

Another example of the pervasiveness of this system is that it won't give up the fight, even if you delete your SoundPlay folder altogether. Suppose you accidentally delete the SoundPlay folder on your computer. If there's another copy or version of SoundPlay on your computer, it'll be automatically found and used by TuneTracker. It takes advantage of a feature built right into Haiku® and Zeta.

That may sound like a good thing, but it can potentially create a problem, because there's no assuring that one version of SoundPlay will be used rather thanother, if there are multiples of it on your system. So, if you decide you want to keep a backup of SoundPlay, you'd be better-off creating a zip file of it rather than having spare copies floating around on your hard drive.

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