TuneTracker™ QuickTip

Making Paths Accurate for the Play Command

Using the Play command in TuneTracker lets you include the playback of very specific files. The syntax is very simple:

Play /boot/news/news03.wav

Sometimes people run into a snag though, if the path leading to the file is long and complicated. If it isn't typed exactly right, including proper upper and lower case letters, special characters, etc., you may see an error like this when you go to generate your program log in TuneStacker:

##TuneStacker Warning The following file did not exist when the Program Log was generated.

In some rare occasions, the error can also be caused by an "invisible" text character that creeps into your ascii text file.

But regardless of whether the problem is bumbly fingers or ghosty characters, the solution is easy. The steps below take just a few seconds to accomplish...

1. In SoundPlay, choose "New Playlist Editor" from the File pulldown menu.
2. Drag the troublesome file into the playlist editor.
3. Click "Save As" and save your little playlist in the home folder.
4. Find your saved playlist file, right-click on it, and choose "open with," specifying StyledEdit
5. You will be presented with the exact path and filename. Just copy and paste it into your format clock or master log, and add the Play command to it.

This technique can actually be a nice way to quickly get accurate paths to a whole bunch of files you plan to add to your format clocks. Just open the SoundPlay playlist editor, find and drop all the files into it, and save it as a playlist file, then open the playlist file in StyledEdit as described above. All the paths will be right there for you, all accurate and ready for pasting into your format clocks and master logs. You can then copy and paste them into your format clocks and master logs with ease. Just remember to put the "Play" command and a space ahead of each line.

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