Included free with System 6!

Time Announcements

TuneTracker System 6 comes with a complete set of time announcements that can be used at-will throughout your programming day. By adding a single, one-word command to your program logs, you can announce the time...

  • At the top of the hour
  • Between songs
  • Coming out of a stopset
  • Any other time!
How it works

When AutoCast arrives at a "TimeAnnounce" line in your program log, it checks your computer's system clock, and plays the appropriate audio file for the current time. And since AutoCast keeps your computer updated with the exact time, your announcements area always absolutely accurate.

System 6 time announcements are the real deal (not an electronic speech synthesizer). Each is professionally-voiced and produced, giving your station a polished, professional sound. The same announcer voice is used on our available temperature announcement package, allowing you to do "time and temps" that match up beautifully.


If you want to use your own staff voices on time announcements rather than our provided voice, for part of the day, or even all day long, that's easily done as well. Every time announcement can be directed to a specific announcer's set of recordings. That way the time announcements will match your DJ voice tracks.

Our time announcement package is professionally designed, easily personalized, and provided absolutely free in TuneTracker System 6.