A cool product that generates hot sales.

"TempAnnounce" Temperature Announcements

With its excellent built-in weather retrieval capabilities, AutoCast already knows the temperature, and shows the temperature. Now, with the help of our TempAnnounce package, it can also announce the temperature...and make your station money in the process.

This full set of professionally-recorded temperature announcements in this package are announced using the exact same voice, intonation, and engineering as our time announcements, so they match up beautifully when played together. They vary in wording, to avoid that "automated sound."

Adding them to your logs couldn't be easier!

Not only is time&temp announcing a wonderful service for your listeners, it's also a very sellable commodity. You can sell time&temps all day long, inexpensively, and it can really add up to a lot of revenue. They're especially suitable for institutional clients like banks (who are known for their lighted signs flashing time and temperature), malls (known for the same thing), and other imagey, service-oriented businesses. They're also a great fit for businesses who we associate with certain times of day, like restaurants and theaters.

What do they sound like?   Here's an example, heard in context with our HeartSong Radio format..

Now picture what they might sound like, tagged by an advertiser. Here are a few examples of approaches you can take with various kinds of advertisers:

"It's 8:17 and 59 degrees. A time and temperature reminder from the Eagle Shopper. Pick up your copy at news stands now!"

"It's 12-noon and currently 14 degrees. Time to warm up with a hot bowl of Charlie's famous chili, or enjoy one of the other midday specials at Charlie's Diner, 12th street, right across from the IGA."

"It's 3 O'clock and our temperature is 82. A check of time and temp from your friends at Frenzel Ford/Mercury...where it's always the right time to find a great deal on a new or used vehicle."

TempAnnounce makes your station sound great, provides local public service, gives listeners another good reason to tune in, and...it sells. Order today, and an easy-to-install CD will be on its way to you right away.



Complete set of temp announcements

License and CD for a full set of professionally-voiced temperature announcements for use with AutoCast.