Our Music Preparation Service

It's not uncommon for radio stations to make bad mistakes when preparing their station's digital music library, and they pay for it in bad on-air sound, and ultimately, in having to go back and re-do everything a second or third time until they get it right. Don't go there!

Get it right the first time.

TuneTracker Systems offers a music preparation service that will turn your collection of CDs into professional, high-quality audio tracks, prepped specially for use in a broadcast environment. Every track is carefully ripped from CD, optimized to allow well-matched volumes from cut-to-cut, silence-trimmed, enfused with cut data that can be used by our music selection software, then encoded as WAV or MP3 files at the bitrate of your choice. The result? A library of cuts that match up beautifully in volume and segue well from cut to cut when broadcast.

To use the service, carefully box up your CDs and ship them to us, insured, with tracking. If you don't want all the tracks, include instructions about which cuts you want ripped from which CDs.*** The price is just 75 cents per cut. Return shipping is extra.

Call 920-672-8244 and let us prepare your station's music library for you the right way...the FIRST time.

As with all TuneTracker products, we back it up with excellent technical support to assure you of a satisfying and successful experience. Ask anyone. We take good care of our customers.