Custom Station "Liners"

Station liners are a very important programming element. They're quick, one-line announcements, intended to promote a specific feature you offer on the air (promo lines), or to reinforce your station's name and image (image lines). Often stations will use both types of liners. You can use them leading in or out of breaks, between songs, even in mid-stopset to break things up a little. Pepper them throughout your log. You can even use them to promote/tease programming you want people to stay tuned for.

TuneTracker Systems is pleased to offer the voice of Dane Scott, the same voice heard on our time and temperature announcements, as an image voice for your station. Dane Scott's voice has been heard by millions of people on network television and syndicated radio, as well as on videos, multimedia CD-ROMs, telephone systems, and in many other venues, worldwide. Now, he can be the voice of your station.

We'll record up to twenty promo and image lines for your station for just $75. And since they match our time and temperature announcements, it really helps give your station a consistent sound, day in and day out.


"Catch 'Insight for Living,' weekday mornings at 8, on Living Waters Radio.

"Wake up weekdays to Mike Richards and the Morning Express, on NewsTalk 740, KXXX."

"Got something to say? Tell us, and we'll tell everybody. Write to"

"Seen our web site? It's amazing. Check it out"

What do they sound like?

Listen to these samples, then start dreaming up your own custom liners for us to record for your radio station.

As with all TuneTracker products, we back it up with excellent technical support to assure you of a satisfying and successful experience. Ask anyone. We take good care of our customers.


Custom Station Liner Package

Voice matches System 6 time announcements

Please send us an e-mail when you order, containing the text and wording you want for your announcements. Be sure to include phonetic pronunciations for any unusual names of people and places.