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Try Natural Log™ 8 for Windows before you commit to upgrading or buying the software!

Natural Log 8 will initially install and start up in fully-functioning evaluation mode that allows NL8 to be used for a period of 60 days without an unlocking key [for those who want to try it before buying a software license]. After this 60-day period, Natural Log will require registration and entry of a software key. This evaluation version includes a sample database and will also allow you to create 1 database of your own for testing purposes. NL-DOS users can import as many databases into the evaluation copy as they have on NL-DOS.

  • After you click the link , please do not attempt to run this across the Internet. Instead click [Save] when asked whether to Save or Open the file.

  • Save the file to any convenient location where you can easily find it , such as My Documents or your Desktop.

  • After it competely downloads [may take several minutes depending on your download speed], double click the downloaded copy of file to start the Natural Log 8 installer. Please do not change any default values during installation.

    During this 60-day trial period broadcast invoices will have a small printed notice on them that they were created using a demo copy of Natural Log. This allows users to completely test the program but prevents use of the invoices for actual billing purposes until the software license fee is paid and a software key is provided.

    Any time during the trial period, simply click [Continue Evaluation] on the Natural Log 8 startup screen. Other than noted above, the program is fully functioning during this time, allowing you to import your Natural Log DOS data, and run the systems side-by-side [entering data into both] while you decide whether to commit to the purchase or NL-DOS or NL-Windows upgrade. If you are upgrading from NL-DOS, you cannot migrate data backwards from NL Windows back to NL-DOS if you stop entering data in NL-DOS.

    If and when you have decided to permanently buy or upgrade to NL Windows, call TuneTracker Systems at 920-672-8244, or place your order below. Order through us and save $50!


    Natural Log

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    Single user license and software from Natural Broadcast Systems. Delivered by download, licensed via e-mail.