Find songs, edit logs, Lightning-Fast.

Lightning Request Finder and Program Log Editor

Lightning is a clever blend of audio "search engine" and playlist (program log) editor. You can find songs and other audio files by lots of interesting criteria, and add them to your program logs, or drop them directly into AutoCast to be played right away.

Editing program logs

Open a daily program log and immediately start adding, removing, copying, and pasting music and announcements, just using your mouse. The program log editing functionality of Lightning is made even more powerful by its ability to find any audio file on your hard drive instantly, using its built-in, high-end audio search engine.

"Sure we have it! Coming right up."

Lightning is also the ultimate song-finder during request shows. Just enter your search criteria, and instantly, you'll have a list of every track that matches your needs.

In the illustration, we show an example of a search for every Eagles song released between 1970 and 1980, in the range of 3.5 to 4.5 minutes long. The search could easily be narrowed further to show only songs of a certain tempo, rating, subgenre, comment, gender, even your own custom criteria.   Click to see the entire Lightning screen.

Positively shocking

You'll be stunned by Lightning's speed, even when retrieving vague or obscure listener requests.

When someone calls in requesting "any late 60s Clapton song," just type in a little fast search criteria, et voila, you'll have all the songs in your collection that match those requirements, right at your digital fingertips. Now, drag and drop your selection directly into AutoCast, and if you like, make it next-to-play.

Other Features and Uses for Lightning