Our competition is green...with envy!

Most radio automation systems are notoriously heavy feeders. They consist of enormous blocks of programming code. They run hot. They eat computer processors for breakfast. And their users are stuck paying the price for their software's voracious appetite, in higher utility bills. The environment takes a hit as well.

TuneTracker Systems has gone down a different path, a green path. Our programs live in an operating system called Haiku®. They step quickly and lightly, and leave small footprints. Read on. See why we're different.

We want to be.  Part of being different is having the will to be different. We chose a fast, lightweight, energy-efficient computer environment that uses only a fraction of the energy resources of the big, legacy operating systems like Windows and Mac.

We can.  Programming created for Haiku® is, by nature, less demanding. Our programs deliver the features you expect, but with much greater compactness and efficiencies of RAM and CPU load.

We know how.  Our programmers specialize in efficiency. Our focus, all day long, is on finding ways to enhance our products capabilities, while keeping them quick, lean, and green.

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We don't just talk the talk...

Everybody claims to be Earth-friendly these days. We can back it up.

Click the image on the right and see the full-view. We've launched not only AutoCast, but most of the other programs we offer, displaying them all on the screen at the same time. Now, look at the little indicator in the lower right corner, shown in the magnifying glass. Two little gauges show the processor load, and the memory load. They are nearly flatlined. That is what we have accomplished in System 6. It's a system design you'll not only love using, but can feel good about using.

Because our software takes it easier on the processor, the motherboards of all of our Station-in-a-Box computers are pre-set to power-saving mode, further reducing your ongoing operational expense.

Better for the environment, easier on your wallet. Two more reasons to choose TuneTracker System 6.