The softest pillow at night...


When your head hits the pillow at night, do you stare at the ceiling, worried about whether your station will still be on the air when you get up in the morning? Even the most stable computer in the world can occasionally stall or freeze; and Murphy's Law dictates that it's going to happen at 3 AM.

The facts of life...

Every computer is going to freeze or lock up from time to time, but it's concerning when it happens at a radio station, especially one that is running unattended part or all of the time. There are silence-sensing power recyclers, but here's the problem: Sometimes computers make noise when they freeze up. So an external box that listens for silence before restarting the computer is NOT the ultimate answer. What's needed is an effective way to restart an unresponsive computer, no matter what. Now, we've got it!

It's not rocket science...

TuneSentry is a super simple device. You plug TuneSentry into the wall, plug your computer's power cord into TuneSentry, and connect a cable to your Ethernet router. TuneSentry talks to your computer over the network every few seconds. If the computer fails to respond for any reason, TuneSentry turns power to the computer off, then back on, causing the computer to restart, and your radio automation computer to relaunch.

We've tested TuneSentry extensively and have found it to be extremely reliable. With our recommended settings, your station will be back on the air again in the time it takes to reboot. Even at 3 AM. What a blessing.

TuneSentry: next to a clear conscience, it makes for the softest pillow of all.



TuneSentry Computer Power Box

Powers your computer off and back on, to reset it, if it becomes unresponsive.