Experience it for yourself!

Our free video DVD takes you on a 22-minute guided tour of System 5. Learn about Command Center radio automation, TuneStacker music selector/program log builder, Lightning request finder/program log editor, Army Knife song editor, CSacker report generator, and the exciting add-ons that are available for special needs. You'll quickly discover just how intuitive, user friendly, and powerful our system is. To order it, choose the first option below.

Or, for $19.95, with free shipping, you can order the "The TuneTracker Experience" which includes the DVD, plus a complete installation of Command Center System 5 on USB that you can try out on your computer. With the USB demo, you'll get a complete copy of the Haiku operating system (yours to keep), plus runnable demos of ALL of System 5, including a sample radio station and a sound effects sampler (also yours to keep). The demo is so complete that it literally comes up and starts broadcasting as soon as you boot to it.

The package comes with instructions that tell you how to boot to the included 8 GB USB flash drive and test the system right there, as well as details on how you can install the entire system to an empty partition on your computer.*

Software or hardware?

One of the benefits of the USB demo is that it allows you to determine for yourself whether you're better off ordering our system as software-only, or as one of our Station-in-a-Box systems that comes with a computer. If the USB demo boots fine on your existing hardware, and you have networking, sound, and video, you could potentially order just the software license, which will unlock the system permanently. Otherwise, you can choose one of our tweaked-out Station-in-a-Box systems.


Video DVD Only

DVD Introducing TuneTracker System

A free DVD demonstrating Command Center and other parts of System 5

Call to order: 920-273-0543


Video DVD Plus "The TuneTracker Experience" on USB

Bootable demo on premium 8GB USB media, plus video DVD

Watch the intro on your DVD player, then try booting and running the complete System 5.




* Careful! Don't install the contents of the USB stick to your hard drive unless you're 100% certain the drive contains nothing of value. Installing from USB WILL wipe out whatever is already on your hard drive volume.