You know it you can prove it.

CSacker Report Generator

TuneTracker System 6 gives you a daily "output log" file showing everything that played, and exactly when it played. However, for a variety of reasons mentioned below, it's also helpful to be able to create an accounting of just the music that played, the commercials that ran, the PSAs that were broadcast, etc. That's where our included, ultra-fast CSacker™ report generator comes in.

Whether you need to show BMI what songs you ran, the FCC how much public service message content you've broadcast, or your clients that you played their ads, CSacker™ makes blindingly-fast work of it all. In only a second or two, it can grind out an exact accounting of whatever you need.

A clear and easy interface...

It doesn't get any easier than this. Just drag a daily output log file onto the face of CSacker, type in your search criteria, and click the "Generate" button. Just that quickly, CSacker will seek out only the listings you seek and generate a report file containing them sequentially in the order they were played, ready for printout or archiving, complete with the exact times when each event ran.

Click on the small picture to see a full size picture of CSacker at-work.

Proof of performance is just the beginning...

You'll rapidly discover that CSacker is a great tool for all kinds of things. Because AutoCast logs the exact start time of each broadcast event all day long, you can use CSacker to learn all kinds of important information.

  1. See how often you ran certain announcements that were selected randomly.
  2. Find out whether you really heard Bruce Springstein twice today, or you just imagined it.
  3. Rapidly determine whether critical programming elements ran that day.
  4. Grab a listing of all your day's DJ voice-track announcements.
  5. Use CSacker to diagnose and fine-tune your program log's timing, by comparing the actual times things ran with when you had intended them to run.